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The armed drone is the defining weapon in the War on Terror—and one of the most controversial. First praised for surgical precision, laser-like focus and a capacity to reduce collateral damage, the drone has come to represent a reckless industrialized killing program reviled across the world. This includes the development of “militainment” programs, in which video-games are basically used as both a recruiting tool and a means of making military violence appear as an innocuous part of everyday life. Featuring survivors and those who live under constant threat of drone strikes, activist lawyers attempting to use international courts to stop the program, military analysts who still maintain their efficacy and Brandon Bryant, a former drone pilot turned vocal critic,Drone offers an absorbing and revelatory perspective on this disturbing weaponry.
Synopsis courtesy Eli Horwatt, Hot Docs

This theatrical release generously supported by The Bertha Foundation.


Join The Intercept's Jeremy Scahill in conversation withdirector Tonje Hessen Schei and Subject Brandon Bryant following the Friday, November 20th 7:05 p.m. screening.

Join internationally renowned lawyer Jesselyn Radack for a special panel featuring subject Brandon Bryant and surprise special guests following the Saturday, November 21st 2:25 p.m. screening.

Join subject Brandon Bryant and producers Jonathan Borge Lie & Lars Løge for a Question & Answer sessionfollowing the Saturday, November 21st 7:05 p.m. screening.

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