Basic principles of droning


Manufacturers call the drone “aircraft”. The name itself aroused my respect before I took to the air for the first time – I also suggest that you approach it with caution. In Polish law, flying drones has been divided into 3 categories: light drones (up to 600 grams), medium drones (over 600 grams) and heavy drones (over 25 kg), which are used by the military.

Start with lighter drones
If you want to fly for recreational purposes and take pictures from a new perspective, the lightest, license-free version is all you need. But remember, even the lightest drone doesn’t entitle you to fly everywhere. Not all countries, cities or parks allow you to “drone” freely. There are areas where such flights are strictly prohibited for reasons of territorial security, such as border areas.

Enjoy the app
Fortunately, there are a number of free applications that will help you find yourself in the world of “drones”. I suggest you use the DroneRadar application, in which, after entering the drone parameters, the entire map of Poland is displayed, on which you will find out whether you are allowed to fly in a given place. The application is constantly updated, e.g. if there is an air parade over a given area, it will be included in it and will show you that you cannot on that day.

Be respectful of places and other people
Applications are one thing, but the most important thing in flying is using your head. Remember to use common sense and personal culture. Be respectful of other people and don’t fly low over the heads of passersby. Firstly, it is dangerous, secondly, the sound the drone makes resembles the buzzing of an intrusive mosquito, so even patient people can get upset.

Ask for permission
If you are flying over land that may be owned by someone, ask for permission to perform some raids and photos. When traveling with a group of strangers, ask them if they will not be disturbed by the fact that the camera can capture them in the recordings. Please respect their privacy if you are denied it. Mostly people agree to fly drones for three reasons: they are curious about the drone, they are polite, they do not have negative experiences with drones.

Maintain a good reputation
It is important to maintain a positive opinion about droning. Sometimes one irresponsible person, ill-considered flight is enough to permanently ban flying. Such an example is, among others Angkor Wat (the most famous Cambodian temples), where signs “no drone zone” are already being created. It has to do with the number of “mishaps” that happened with the drones there, they destroyed monuments and was dangerous for tourists.

How to start flying without being a “black sheep”?
First, read the operating instructions, you may find this advice obvious, but controlling the drone is not as intuitive as operating a new mobile phone. It’s worth taking the time to study the drone’s encyclopedia to learn about most of its features.

Try to connect to the drone at home – see if the application connects to the controller and the drone, take off nowhere. Use the DroneRadar and check the place near your home to safely set up your equipment there and safely lift the drone above the ground. Remember the space to study, I would suggest a large empty field under the city, not necessarily flying over the water.


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