Can you film everything with a drone?


It’s good to know that aerial filming is not possible everywhere. First of all, it must not be done in military and state-owned areas. In addition, in some areas it is forbidden to fly to higher altitudes or fly too far. You may end up shooting down your equipment and losing material. Therefore, it is worth making sure whether filming is allowed in a given place.

In the case of mass events, it is often necessary to obtain consent, so it is best to make sure relatively in advance that filming with a drone is allowed. It is also important to follow the most ordinary culture in the world and remember that not everyone has to want to be filmed. It’s a good idea to take a short drone filming course to learn the skills you need. However, many people learn very quickly on their own and do not need any courses.

This does not apply to people who pilot the so-called drones in sight, but everyone who wants to use them commercially must go to the course – such legal regulations have been introduced by our government.Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are today an invaluable support for human activity in various areas and tasks.

Taking photos, measurements or aerial video filming are just some of the many possibilities offered by drones. Intensive technological development allows the use of these devices for many purposes, very important from the point of view of safety and comfort of human life. Here are some of them. Fighting smog – unmanned aerial vehicles are used to monitor smog, and thus provide information on air pollution.

This function is most often used by enterprises and public administration bodies. A drone equipped with a flying laboratory flies to the chimney and takes a sample of the smoke that comes out of it. The sample goes to the analyzer, which can detect in 90 seconds whether the furnace was burning waste.

The garbage incineration detection service was developed by Polskie Centrum Dronowe  (WB Group). Two drones take part in the mission – one drone is used to search for chimneys from which smoke is emitted (not all people smoke at the same time) and the other drone is a measurement drone. After selecting the smoking chimneys, the navigation drone transmits their coordinates to the measurement drone.


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