Compass and failsafe function


They enable UAVs to recognize the exact location of a flight. Calibration of the compass is required to set the “home” position, which is the place where the model will return in case of loss of range with the steering device.FPV, or First Person View, is a technology that allows you to view live images. The camera installed in the unmanned model transmits the image directly to the pilot on the ground, thanks to which the pilot flies the model as if he were on board instead of looking at the drone from its current position.

FPV technology enables the drone to fly much farther and higher distances compared to those that can be achieved by observing the model from the ground. This technology enables much more precise flying around obstacles, especially where it would be impossible from the perspective of a person standing on the ground, e.g. in forest areas. Image transmission is based on radio data transmission.

The drone is equipped with a multi-channel wireless FPV transmitter with a built-in antenna. Depending on the model, the fpv image can be received by the rc transmitter, fpv monitor, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Engineers are outdoing each other in new concepts, constantly increasing the range of fpv transmission. The greater the power of the fpv transmitter, the greater the distance from which the image will be received. The latest designs of leading manufacturers of commercial drones allow image transmission from a distance of up to 7 kilometers!

The integrated flight controller and intelligent algorithms set a new standard for wireless fpv image transmission by reducing latency to a maximum, increasing range and reliability.

FPV via 4G and LTE networks
Last year, a new technology was introduced that enables image transmission using the 4G / LTE network. Thanks to this solution, the range limit has been virtually lifted and the delays in image transmission have been reduced to a minimum. The base model of the drone using this technology is additionally equipped with a 4G / LTE modem.

Camera for rc drone
Flight software and assistant. The flight control system communicates with a PC via a micro USB connector, thanks to which the unmanned aerial vehicle software can be quickly and easily updated. The drone is actually a flying computer with a camera installed. The software of the models can be updated at any time, so you can get rid of bugs and implement new functions.

LED lighting
Remote-controlled drones have front and rear lighting. The LEDs are designed to show where the front of the device is, and where its back is. In addition, the models use LEDs to inform about the battery charge status or many other flight parameters.

UAV control system – transmitter and receiver
The model is controlled on the basis of wireless communication using 5.8GHz technology. The aircraft is factory bound (associated, connected) with the transmitter. Additionally, in case the transmitter is unlinked with the receiver, the receiver is equipped with a special button or a jumper that allows it to be paired with a remote control.



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