Drone anafi parrot 2 test


The bet of the Aerospace District of Sardinia (DASS) will be played for the next four years in the airfield of Perdasdefogu, already the scene a few months ago of the first drone anafi parrot 2 test remotely to the eye by a patient Sla (read the news here).

Here, thanks to the program funded by the Region, it will be possible to develop the testing, validation and certification platforms for SAPR on an area of 12 hectares , also taking advantage of the separate airspace and advanced technologies such as tracking systems and control room.

Parrot anafi drone procedures instrument flight forum notice


An automated cloud-based post-mission performance monitoring tool to enable massive in-flight data management and performance evaluation in a user-friendly manner. Out-of-the-box EGNOS instrument flight procedures and corresponding RNPs for four relevant representative parrot anafi forum advisory drone applications and operations.

Standard and reference data and demonstrations collected from over 100 flights. These data will be post-processed to provide EU regulatory and industry stakeholders with evidence of the added value of EGNOS and GNSS in drone navigation parrot anafi price.

To capture a wide range of representative application requirements, the project has selected 4 scenarios: On the platform, the drone is ready for (SC1) aerial mapping (including urban areas), (SC2) fire fighting, (SC3) cargo transportation and (SC4) maritime surveillance.

Application specific requirements will be analyzed and flight rehearsals will be performed in REALITY as a reference for EGNOS. The two possible outputs of REALITY will be: new Required Navigation Performance (RNP) specifications for UA flight missions tailored to these four representative parot anafi applications.

  • analysis of the contribution of EGNOS and EGNSS to RNP compliant autonomous parrot bebop navigation systems.
  • Closer to the use of drones in the city, in safety, territory control services.
  • In Turin, the experimental tests of Telespazio with satellite technologies applied to skycontroller 3 flights have been carried out .
  • For the tests drone parrot anafi price Telespazio
  • The joint venture between Leonardo (67%) and Thales (33%) confirmed today that it has successfully carried out a campaign of Full Flight View flights with various Sapr-Aircraft systems with remote control, in the framework of the Turin City Initiative
    Lab-Doralab initiative promoted by the Piedmontese capital in collaboration with ENAC, Tim and the Polytechnic of Turin.

For the Telespazio tests, the planes of the partner drone remote control parrot were used, equipped with the technologies made available by the joint venture, by e-Geos, by Dbw Communication and by Mpb.

Full Flight is a project fully funded by the companies of the industrial team led by Telespazio and it has skycontroller 3 was designed precisely “for public utility purposes” explains the company. In particular, the project aims to test new safety procedures in the use of autonomous parrot bebop, of interest to ENAC, and to develop innovative products and application services.

“The demonstration activities carried out in the F2V project have highlighted the role and potential of the satellite segment in the development and realization of services with Sapr platforms,” explains Marco

Gnss of the position of the parrot bebop autonomy

Brancati, technical director of Telespazio, which emphasizes that “the use of a high-precision reference system with satellite and aircraft images, real-time transmission of signal integrity information of navigation

Gnss of the position of the drone parot anafi, and for the first time also remote control of the drone parrot anafi price through the transmission of position and commands with a satellite communication system, they have shown that they can introduce higher levels of security than current standards.”

“With the F2V project – adds the manager

– Telespazio confirms its role in the development and realization of services in which unmanned systems also play an important role in view of the upcoming 5G market.”

In particular, the flight campaign involved drones of various types – fixed and rotary wing, from 2 to 8 kilos – equipped with Iridium satellite terminals that guaranteed the control of the aircraft in a Bvlos operating scenario – on the visible line – where terrestrial communication networks failed.

In addition, Adpm Drones’ harmless parrot anafi avis forum drones were successfully used, the lightest of the fleet – weighing less than 300 grams – for two different scenarios: asset management and urban security.


In the first scenario, e-Geos, thanks to an interferometric analysis

analysis, able to identify areas and infrastructures affected by deformation phenomena, identified a “Provincial Road Viaduct” with the drones, providing a high quality real time photographic shot at the center of operations and images with a thermal camera.

The latest legislation of drone remote control parrot the Commission

Any request for rapid intervention is generated automatically by the system. In the second case, Telespazio explains that the scenario “I run safely” has been tested, in which those engaged in physical activity in urban parks can, in case of need, attract the attention of a drone anafi parrot 2 test, capable of transmitting video and data in real time to the operations center. The transaction, the joint venture assures, takes place fully automatically, without the help of a pilot, the joint venture emphasizes.

The latest Commission legislation on remote-controlled aircraft is underway. What does the text include, between the new categories and the training of operators that becomes less expensive.


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