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Those who use a remote-controlled helicopter weighing more than 250 g mini remote-controlled helicopter price, from June 2020 will have to register and pass an online exam. Owners of drones weighing less than 250 g equipped with a video camera or capable of processing personal data will also be subject to registration.

In the open category, drones will be able to fly up to a maximum altitude of 120 meters above the ground large remote-controlled helicopter com. Adult radio controlled helicopters will continue to be used while maintaining direct visual contact.

Mini remote controlled adult helicopter

Outdoor radio controlled helicopters must meet the following requirements
Outdoor radio-controlled helicopters must meet certain basic industry requirements and, as a result, have been awarded the CE mark. The EU regulation stipulates a minimum age of 16 years for the autonomous use of drones. National supervisors can reduce the age to a maximum of 12 years.

Are you a beginner who needs advice on which drone to buy to learn to fly? Are you an amateur pilot looking for other fans to meet and fly together? Or are you a professional who wants to discuss work issues, perhaps looking for business opportunities?

The Italian community of adult remote control helicopter enthusiasts, among those who want to learn, those who use them for fun and those who work on them, is more alive than ever, and it’s no coincidence that on Facebook there are really many groups dedicated to quadcopters and remote controlled helicopters to the beautiful company.

There are all types of adult remote controlled helicopter groups

Groups dedicated to a particular brand or model of remote control helicopter price (for example DJI Phantom 4) and large remote control helicopter com.

Groups dedicated to the sale of second hand drones (e.g.: market) remote controlled helicopter with cheap camera and screen Groups dedicated to the deepening of the national and international legislation on the use of drones Groups dedicated to the sharing of videos and photos made with remote controlled helicopters

Groups dedicated to the reporting of online offers, coupons and discounts on drones. Generic groups related to the world of adult radio controlled helicopters, where there are news, curiosities, etc.

If you are at least a little expert, it will be easy for you to find your way through the different groups until you find the one that best suits your type of interest, but if you are a beginner and want to join a community where you can ask for advice first and foremost, finding the right Facebook group on remote control helicopters might be a bit complicated.

If on the one hand it is easy that among the members of the various groups there is an “expert” ready to advise you, it is just as likely that your question will be answered by members who are only members of the group to make their own interest, e.g. suggesting that you buy a certain helicopter telecommander via an affiliate link that will bring them a small percentage in remote controlled helicopter with cheap camera and screen terms of income.

Some groups tolerate these practices outdoor remote control helicopter with camera, while others try to oppose them but often the administrators are unable to cope with the colossal work of moderation due to time constraints, which is to delete spam messages, warn spammers or eventually ban them.

It is also necessary to consider mini remote control helicopter that the presence of
Some of the largest forum groups helico rc (we are talking about more than 5-6 thousand members) represent a good potential audience, even for people who have nothing to do with the main topic of the discussion mini remote control helicopter price, namely outdoor radio controlled helicopter, and perhaps register only to shoot in the pile, for example, posting an ad for vacation home in the group.

It should also be considered that the presence of spammers, a sign of lack of attention from the administrators of the group, only promotes the abandonment of the group by many members, who stop following the messages inserted.

In short, even if in theory the group to join is chosen according to the number of members, the truth is that in practice the community could be dead, full of spam, or dominated by those who aim exclusively at their own economic return.

The main fb groups on helicopter rc outdoor beginner: remote controlled helicopter with cheap camera and screen. But what are the best groups to join?


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