DRONE Featured on Huffington Post Live — DRONE


Last night, DRONE Director Tonje Hessen Schei made an appearance on Huffington Post Live’s World Brief with Ahmed Shihab-Eldin @ASE. Watch the whole segment here. 

Tonje was asked about the thin line between virtual and real war, and how the military industry is increasingly recruiting drone operators from the gaming industry. In this modern warfare the gamers have become the new warriors, as they possess the technical skills that are crucial for operating drones. Are we prepared to kill this way? What does this do to the human mind? What kind of sacrifices do the drone pilots have to make? 

At this point in time, it is crucial to get as much information we can about the drone war to better understand where we are going and why. The drones are hailed as the perfect weapon by the US military – but there is a clear lack of information about what is really going on and why.

One reason for this is that our official institutions that deal with the frameworks for legality and accountability of drone warfare are lagging behind the rapid developments taking place in the technological and military industries. Hence, US officials are currently in a unique position to set an example for the rest of the world as to how and where the drone evolution is heading. 

In DRONE, we focus on stories from both sides of the drone warfare, hearing from both survivors of drone attacks and drone pilots. Their stories are put in perspective by new insights from inside of the drone industry, politicians and people behind the legal framework. 

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