Single rotor drones (helicopters)


These devices look like real helicopters. They are solidly built with one large helicopter-style rotor plus one smaller rotor to help stabilize the drone.


  • single rotor drones are able to hover in the air;
  • they are durable and strongly built, not prone to damage;
  • you can count on a long flight time, especially if the drone is additionally powered by e.g. gas;
  • are able to lift heavy loads;


  • controlling single rotor drones is much more difficult to master;
  • price.

Fixed-wing (airplane) drones

A fixed-wing drone is a single rigid wing designed to resemble airplanes, both in terms of operation and appearance. The biggest difference between them and rotor drones is that they are not able to hover in one place and rather fly through the air on a given path. As a result, they can boast greater efficiency than other types of drones.

Fixed-wing drones are most often used in the military, rarely used by hobbyists.


  • their average flight time is several hours, and can reach up to 16 hours if the drone is additionally powered;
  • fixed-wing drones can fly at high altitudes;
  • they cope better in the air;
  • can carry relatively heavy loads.


  • price;
  • usually flying them requires additional training – it is difficult to land them, take off requires a special launcher;
  • they can only fly forward and cannot float.

Which drone to choose?

The most popular and most widely available drones are multi-rotor drones and they are recommended for beginners. Among all three types of drones, these are the most affordable and easy to learn to use.If you are about to start your adventure with drones, check out and check out the proposed drones for beginners. In the store you will also find equipment for more advanced users and various auxiliary accessories.

Modern technologies make the life of camera operators and photographers much easier – today their work is much more pleasant and easier. First of all, they have access to the highest quality equipment that allows you to record the image in excellent resolution – thanks to this, movies and photos look very good even after many years. Drones have also been used in the industry for some time – thanks to them you can easily shoot movies and take pictures from a great height. More and more camera operators are choosing to use a drone in their work and they are delighted with the results.


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