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Video with Drones for Advertising and DocumentariesWe at DroneZip use Drones and more, for exciting video shooting. We want to tell your Stories, your Products, your Adventures in the world, with Drones and more.

Drone video footage allows you to give great value to a “video story”. In fact, the quality of the emotional communication of the images taken by Drone allow to involve the observer. The goal is above all to affect the observer’s soul, allowing him to find himself in a precise context. In other words, drone video shooting allows you to create spectacular videos in the most varied environments.

Furthermore, we at DroneZip, in addition to the Video shooting with Drone, take care of the Assembly. In fact, the good quality of the footage is the first and important step for an engaging movie.

Subsequently, with a careful work of “cut and sew” and as a result of this we arrive at the assembly, then at the final product: the advertising break, the video or the documentary film.Our pilots are ENAC certified and qualified to fly Drones up to 25 kg even in Critical Areas.

For Thierry Graftiaux, of the Côte et Villas agency in Pléneuf-Val-André (Côtes-d´Armor), the flying device represents a new means of communication. He used it to film the confined Val-André.Thierry Graftiaux filmed the station as confinement.Thierry Graftiaux filmed the station as confinement. | WEST FRANCEOuest-France Posted on 06/09/2020 at 5:10 p.m.To listen

The original idea of ​​Thierry Graftiaux, by acquiring a drone and training in its piloting, was to provide a bonus to the presentation of properties under mandate to the agency. “Aerial photos bring a new dimension and allow real estate to be valued by presenting it in its environment. ”

To be able to use this new tool, Thierry Graftiaux follows a theoretical and practical training of 70 hours. “Professional theft is subject to very strict administrative regulations. “”A real pleasure”The confinement was the opportunity for Thierry Graftiaux to make a film on the Val-André.

A film offered to all lovers of the resort inspired by the special and unique atmosphere of this month of May. “An exciting experience which took a lot of work. “Indeed, it is not enough to decide to fly a drone to make a film. Each expedition begins with upstream work. ”

That is to say, identify the places to film, the desired angles of view, the interesting subjects to fly over …”, explains Thierry Graftiaux. Once these factors have been identified, they must be presented to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation to obtain the authorization to fly.


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