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The authorizations obtained, the shooting can begin. “The shooting of this film was a real pleasure and an enormous privilege to have been able to tread the beach without meeting a living soul, to have been able to graze the lighthouse, to discover all these closed villas while in May, a wind vacation should have been taken away ”.

This film is the first of the new activity developed by Agence Côte and Villas Communication, in addition to the real estate agency.Thierry Graftiaux will offer various services there: taking photos or videos of properties for sale mandates or for any private request;

intervention for professionals (verification of roofs, chimneys or any work at height); institutional communication for the enhancement of an architectural, natural or tourist heritage.SERVICES WITH PROFESSIONAL DRONES AERIAL FILM AND TELEVISION SHOOTING.

Jt Drone for your film shooting with drone. Services with drones for events, demonstrations, tourism promotion, 4K corporate videos, environmental monitoring, consultancy for property and court appraisals, building control, search and rescue.

JT Drone, based in Riva del Garda, carries out operations throughout Italy and also in Europe. Contact us for a quote dedicated to your service.FILM SHOOTING WITH DRONEExcite your customers with a video and photo made by professionals with professional drones certified by ENAC.

Your business will therefore have a unique promotional video, the result of the combination of aerial shots taken with the drone and those taken on the ground. We operate throughout Italy and Europe for film and television aerial shots.We take care of all the phases, even the post production of the shot material.CINEMA VIDEO SHOOTINGcinema drone video shooting

Aerial shooting up to 6K RAW DNG for video quality and in any light conditions thanks to dedicated cameras.FPV DRONE SHOOTINGshooting with fpv dinamcihe dronesWe make dynamic shooting with fpv drones up to 5K, amazing and engaging shooting with self-built drones and experienced fpv pilots

CORPORATE PROMO VIDEOindoor and outdoor video shootingHigh-level corporate commercials, an excellent tool to promote a product or service of your company, online but not only.VIRTUAL TOUR 360360 degree virtual tour

Virtual Tour to show the internal environments of your businessDRONE TECHNOLOGYaerial shots with dronesEmotional shooting with latest generation drones for an excellent quality service.COMPETENCE AND SAFETYdrone flight safetyWe offer professional drone rental services with a certified pilot and with RC insurance.



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