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An ABC News drone was literally destroyed by a saltwater crocodile that leapt from the lagoon it was in. The device belonged to Dane Hirst, a cameraman who was making a documentary for the “Crocodile Territory” program.

The documentary, shot on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the ban on hunting ancient reptiles in Australia’s Northern Territory, was still aired, despite the irreparable damage to the device.Momento en el que a crocodile jumps from the agua y destruye un dron

The Australian camarographer Dane Hirst recently captured the moment in which a crocodile decided that he no quería que un dron zumbara alrededor de su laguna RT en Español (@ActualidadRT) October 10, 2021

“I placed the drone on a small lagoon at Crocodylus Park,” he explained. “But there was one crocodile in particular that seemed to keep an eye on the aircraft. So I thought I’d take it up close. I aligned the drone and moved above him when suddenly the animal literally jumped out of the water “.Tracking drones: get you filmed without touching the controls

While the first unmanned aircraft on board could only be steered when they were in the remote pilot’s field of vision, increasingly sophisticated models emerged. With the on-board camera, technologies for immersion flight and virtual reality, it actually becomes easier to fly a radio-controlled drone and obtain beautiful images from an aerial view.

But the photos and videos with your drone don’t stop there! Today, drones can film you without even having to pilot it: tracking features allow the device to automatically film your sporting achievements or any other activity that requires movement.

A drone that films youThe advantages of automatic tracking with your droneThe possibility of being filmed by his drone is of particular interest to athletes and adventurers, who want to immortalize their performances without having to keep their eyes on the remote control or on the flying drone.

This subject tracking function (whether it is a person or an object) therefore offers greater freedom to drone owners. In addition, this allows the owner of the drone to be independent: where it would take a pilot who manages the shooting with more conventional civilian drones, he can now devote himself to his activity and keep a memory thanks to a HD camera placed at the level of the gimbal of the device.

In addition, a following drone is piloted autonomously: it manages the stabilization, the angle of view and the framing according to the subject it films and very often has an obstacle avoidance system. These drones are all the more interesting as some models have more advanced features, such as making a 360 ° live video recording around the subject, moving away from it and approaching it or even flying. at varying altitudes.


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