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Finally, a final practical lesson will consist of a trip to an agreed flying field where students will be able to view some professional drones and experience the flight methods learned in the classroom.

Furthermore, in the exit, students will be guided through the main exercises (skill tests) required to obtain the certificate of drone pilot in Open and Specific contexts, in order to allow the student to have a first theoretical and practical preparatory to passing the exams for the acquisition of permits to fly.Cinema”Cell phones, a drone and solar energy, so we shot our film in Val Grande”

Director Emanuela Caruso talks about the behind-the-scenes work of “A riveder le stelle”, a docufilm due out in March dedicated to today’s big question: why aren’t we doing anything to save the planet?environmentclimate changesval grande parkval grandeEmanuele carusoFranco BerrinoGiuseppe cedernamaya pomaceto see the stars again

A zero-impact film shot with two mobile phones and a small solar-powered drone, in the largest wilderness area in Europe, the Val Grande. The message of “A riveder le stelle”, a documentary film shot in the wild scenery of the Val Grande, not far from Lake Maggiore and which will be released in theaters on March 5th, also passes through the form and not just the substance.

Why are we not doing anything to reverse the climate gear? This is the question that the young director from Alba, Emanuele Caruso, already the author of interesting works such as “La terra buona” (2018, purchased by Amazon Prime, Hbo, Chinese and Swiss distributors), tries to find an answer with this docufilm.

«We walked by connecting with nature and with each other – said Giuseppe Cederna – we did it with great humility, creating a true laboratory of openness to the world, where each of us talked about himself and continually put himself on the line.

From the experience lived in this truly wild park, the welcome and the great generosity of the Forest Guards and the relationship with nature that each of us is committed to rediscover will remain forever imprinted on me. During the seven days of the walk we created real human portraits, looking inside and learning to live with people unknown and different from us ».

The company walked for 7 days, covering 36 km and tackling an altitude difference of 5,000 meters. In the end the answer has arrived, the protagonists assure, and is contained in the subtitle: “We are the climate“.


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