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The fascinating video that you will discover in this article was filmed from the air by Israeli aerial drone pilot Lior Patel. This is a timelapse in which we can see a flock of sheep moving in fast motion.Credit: Lior PatelTo see alsoAd

The footage was taken over a seven-month period in the Peace Valley region of Yokneam, as Lior Patel followed the grazing pattern of a single herd. His goal is to try to understand how the beasts move and how the huge group moves in space. And what could be better than taking the height to get an idea?

Market gardener Michael Morgan, nicknamed the “King of Cabbage,” and South African farmer Keith Markov have been managing the herd since 1985, and today it fluctuates between 1,000 and 1,750 individuals.

Each year, the sheep migrate up to seven kilometers from the valley to the outskirts of Ramot Menashe with the help of shepherds Mustafa Tabash, Mahmoud Kaabiyah, Eyal Morgan and a few border collies.The incredible talent of sheepdogs to guide sheep

Seen from the sky, one realizes particularly the exceptional work that the sheepdogs do. They have awesome science in them to bring the herd together and move the herd in the right direction.

Like the shepherds, they form a complementary team and allow the sheep to keep the course and the pace during movements where they are outside their usual enclosure.Here are some fascinating drone shots from the video shot by Lior Patel:

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the intention of producing entire videos edited and set to music, not the simple acquisition of video clips.Without the slightest claim to “exhaust the topic” in such a short time, the course lasts 24hours divided into three days of fulltime lessons, starting from the direction of photography, passing through the

planning and shooting to conclude with the choice of music and lots of editing tips.Let’s start immediately with the concept that a film, a documentary or an event, the public wantshave the illusion of experiencing it firsthand; During a dialogue, just to give an example, not

we can ignore subjective images, or in the third person “to the extent of the viewer”, such asif he were there too, at “height of the other characters”. Other points of view must bejustified by the narrative and we rarely see a scene that makes complete sensebuilt from above.

We will therefore necessarily refer to images taken from the ground to providesome examples on the composition of the frame or on the montage while remaining alwaysfocused on aerial shots within the narrative.

The rules of movement in the cinema are always the same but the air vehicle, whateverpiloted or not, it has brought new points of view that we must exploit to “help” the public inunderstanding.

In the past, without drones or helicopters, it was impossible to contextualize a scene ifnot taking it from a high place, building, tree, crane or scaffolding but always at relative heightsand framing angles fixed or with little possibility of movement.

The aerial image therefore hasintroduced a very effective dynamic element that must be exploited precisely for its characteristics peculiar, the ability to reach details “far” from the scene or, vice versa, the shooting of a scene from afar and from infinite angles.



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