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The circumstances in which professional shooting and drones sparkle together.Using drones is one of the most popular solutions for those who want to commission professional impact shots. In fact, drone shooting is perfect for aerial shots, adopting particular perspectives and surprising customers of any company.

And it is precisely the companies that benefit most from drone shooting techniques, since – thanks to the skill of specialized operators – they create highly professional, engaging and impressive works.

Today we want to talk to you about 3 special occasions in which shooting with drone can make a difference, so that you can have some ideas about it if you are thinking of requesting this service from us at Overfly.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started right away!services with professional drones1) Shooting music videos with drone: among the most effective professional filming these days.shooting with drone for music videos

Using drones is a great way to shoot both natural and artificial environments and allows you to make beautiful music videos, of any type they are.If you’re planning to shoot a music video, there are tons of things we can do for you with aerial drone footage. Here are some examples:

Alternate shooting with drone and shooting with other cameras, in order to make the video varied and add dimension to it. Both the shooting and the post production are very intriguing and allow us to play with the images in a superlative way.

Shooting downhill, flying over the location from above and then descending rapidly as if the drone fell in a dive.Orbit around the artist or artists, so that the drone flies in a circle around them.

Shoot on the go from various angles in a very fast, simple and fluid way.These are just a few tricks for video shooting with drone, but aerial shots allow you to range enormously with the imagination and to achieve extraordinary results.Professional film and television shooting with the use of drones.

The drone is a really interesting tool for filming and television production. Whether you are shooting a feature film, a short film or a documentary, the professional camera of our drones (connected to a gimbal stabilizer) is perfect for shooting the highest quality, stable, sharp and extremely smooth shots.

With drones we have the opportunity to film on the move, in inaccessible areas and with discretion, as well as make professional aerial shots using innovative techniques and always experimenting with new procedures.

Once you have found the locations and obtained the necessary permits to shoot the film, documentary or TV series, get ready to travel with your imagination. We will plan for you, according to your needs, amazing shots, able to amaze and fascinate the public.We know how to shoot quality films thanks to our vast experience in the sector and the knowledge of permits and the institutional subjects that grant them.

In full compliance with the law, we will carry out professional drone shots for you in even inaccessible places, and we will return you images of the highest quality, ready for post production. Feel free to contact us to tell us about your ideas and to request a quote regarding your project!


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