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Using professional drone footage to shoot videos within your company is an excellent marketing strategy. Aerial shots are perfect for shooting high-quality corporate videos and advertising your company on its website, social networks, cinemas, but also conferences and events where the use of a large screen is required.The benefits of an RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) in the context of corporate videos are numerous. Here are the main ones:

Drones make aerial shots super easy to do and the results are excellent.
The use of RPAS is even cheaper than shooting with classic video cameras.
Shooting on the move, from above and in places difficult to reach by operators? No problem: anything is possible with drones.

We can film (with their permission) your employees, your company and the places where you operate without disturbing the workers and shooting from any angle in order to obtain a super engaging video for your current and potential customers.With a drone we have the possibility to film any action that is carried out in your company, both by employees and by machines.

Whoever sees the video can only do a full immersion in the context in which you operate. This is a one-of-a-kind loyalty strategy – it allows you to impress people, make them confident in your business and your work, and kickstart high-impact advertising campaigns.Read also: Professional shooting with drone: differences compared to the amateur approach

How to make professional video shooting?Actually, if you want to shoot professional shots, you shouldn’t be wondering how to get perfect shots, but ask a professional operator who can do them, like the Overfly team.

The word improvisation does not go well with the word professional! For this we suggest you leave the DIY alone and contact us to request our drone shooting service. In our portfolio we have numerous works in the field, including film and television shooting, documentaries, corporate videos and much more.Contact us now to tell us about your projects and to receive a no-obligation quote!

The Genoa Lantern as never seen before, depicted in all its charm and in all its many facets thanks to the unmistakable perspective of the drone. On the occasion of the 890th anniversary of the Lantern, lighthouse and symbolic monument of Genoa since 1128, on 24 June 2018 Drone Genova® presents an absolute preview of the video

“Lanterna”, a tribute to the city on the day of the celebration of the patron saint St. John the Baptist.The video, published on the Facebook page and the YouTube and Vimeo channels of Drone Genova®, is the final product of months of shooting and aerial photographs captured exclusively by the eye of the drone for this purpose.

“Lanterna” tells all the beauty and majesty of the Genoese lighthouse from unprecedented perspectives, thanks to the assembly of aerial shots, from the ground, from inside the lighthouse, time-lapse and day and night shots.

A minute and a half of breathtaking images and unique shots taken by the Genoese photographer Bruno Ravera, here in the dual role of director and drone pilot for the operator of remote piloted aircraft systems Drone Genova®.

“The choice of the month, day and precise time in which to shoot the various subjects allowed not only to obtain the difficult authorizations but above all to have the desired lights, shadows, sky and air to best capture this splendid monument of the city of Genoa – explains Ravera – The 100 seconds of this video are the result of 6 months of hard work and permits and authorizations.

The final shots arise from careful planning not only from a bureaucratic point of view but also from a technical and creative point of view, thanks to the experience that the Drone Genova® team has gained in these 5 years of activity, first as a pioneer and today as a leader of the sector”.Genova® Drone

Drone Genova® is one of the first operators in Italy authorized by Enac – the National Agency for Civil Aviation for the professional use of drones, even in urban areas (the so-called critical specialized operations). For several years it has been providing professional photo, video and photogrammetry production services with aerial shots using drones and integrations with ground crew.

Since 2013 it has been collecting aerial images from all over Liguria, in an archive that has thousands of photographs and dozens of hours of video in full HD and 4K; from these materials, over the years the publishing projects “Genova dei Forti” and “Spiagge di Liguria” of the series “Liguria a volo di drone” (ed. Sagep) were born, which contains some precious cultural and landscape heritages of our region.

Drone Genova® team is made up of professionals trained and authorized in the competent offices and with twenty years of experience in flight, photography, photogrammetry, documentaries, advertising graphics, architecture, websites and marketing. The drones used are equipped for Full HD and 4K shooting, with professional cameras and with a live display system on the ground, to obtain the desired images with short times and customized costs and the fleet is constantly evolving and expanding.



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