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The DJI is distinguished by its more natural colors, more flattering, more consistent than those of the 3DR, yet equipped with a GoPro Hero4 Silver. On the other hand, 3DR images have better potential for editing experts. His images have more dynamic: it is easier to catch too bright shots.

But the DJI is back in the lead with its very rich video settings, which are accessible in flight (white balance, emphasis, ISO, exposure compensation, shutter speed). Experts in photo technique will be able to create even more beautiful shots. The Xiro offers identical video settings in flight. But in the end, his images are less beautiful than those of the DJI.

Their sharpness is artificial and aggressive, their colors are sometimes a little cold. As for the Parrot, it lags far behind its competitors. His videos are sorely lacking in detail. Bright parts of the image are often burnt.Quality of the images filmed by the four drones in our test.Quality of the images filmed by the four drones in our test. NICOLAS SIX / THE WORLD

The 3DR is the only one capable of filming in slow motion in Full HD, thanks to its on-board GoPro. This is an asset especially if you plan to film sports.Return to the test menuImage stabilityComparison of the stability of images taken by dronesTen years ago, such images would have required a huge helicopter or crane.

Xiro, 3DR and DJI drones employ the same sophisticated stabilization system. Their camera is attached to a robotic arm powered by three motors. This arm compensates for the movements of the drone on 3 axes so that the camera remains perfectly parallel to the ground. The image is stable, provided you fly smoothly.

We didn’t notice a difference in stabilization between the Xiro, 3DR, and DJI. But the Parrot uses a much less sophisticated stabilization system. He films a very large image, then he intelligently resizes this image, to compensate for the sudden movements of the drone. The result is less clean: the camera movements are a little dry even if the images remain pleasant to watch.

Big news: these drones can fly for you. Xiro, DJI and 3DR launched their autopilots this summer, just weeks apart. It works more or less well, as these pictures show:360 °: We define a central point: the drone starts to turn around while filming the center of the circle.

DJI and 3DR go further: you can adjust the width of the circle and the speed of the drone. This function is not available at Parrot.Selfie: You place the drone in front of you, hovering, then press a button: the drone takes off and reveals the landscape around you. This feature is only available on the 3DR.


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