Which drone to choose?


The problem, however, may be the choice of the drone itself. The last dozen or so months have brought new changes and technical innovations. And it’s not only about more and more perfect cameras, new intelligent flight modes or a stronger emphasis on flight safety.

What has so far mixed up the market the most is the new regulations regulating drone flights in the European airspace. So the question is still on time – what drone to buy to be able to fly it without fear. There are still a lot of possible options, and not always a cheap and good drone with a camera actually means what we would like – stable flight, easy control and great, motionless movies. Hence this compilation.

A good drone with a 4K camera
Probably no one will deny that the price is the most often decisive factor in choosing this and not another drone. Therefore, to make it easier for you to decide, we divided our 10 according to specific price levels. When choosing models for them, we were guided not only by the quality-price ratio, but also the possibilities and what the drone is best suited for. In our list, in addition to advanced drones for filming, you will also find those that are suitable for learning to fly or the most ordinary fun in the world. There are even racing drones here.

Importantly, however, all the recommended drones are recreational or semi-professional machines, because these are also the most popular. It is also worth paying attention to the DJI models, because this Chinese manufacturer is one of the greatest creators in the commercial drone industry, and at the same time a flywheel of changes taking place in it. And it is here that the first structures adapted to the new EU regulations on drone flights appeared.

The question of what are rc drones and how they work can be answered literally in a few sentences. Innovative drone technology is constantly evolving, and large financial resources provided by large corporations result in more and more advanced constructions appearing on the market every few months. We will discuss the functions of modern remote-controlled drones.

Remote controlled drone
In this article we will try to discuss UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology based on one of the most popular models available on the market and equipped with the latest technology. Most of the advanced drone models have very similar systems in terms of technology.

The technology of unmanned aerial vehicles in the broadest scope covers everything – from the aerodynamics of the drone, the materials from which it was made, through electronics, the type of electronic board used, the chipset on the software of the model itself.

The Phantom 2 Vision + model is considered to be one of the most recognized models of remote-controlled drones available on the market. It is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, model for taking professional aerial photos and videos. Although many months have passed since its premiere, it uses many advanced technologies that are duplicated in the latest drone models. The Phantom 2 Vision + is a UAV drone which is the easiest way to explain drone technology because it has all the necessary innovations and equipment.


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